Wedding photography

Wedding is like a story that I am trying to tell through pictures. Truly, as it really happened. Full of unique moments, atmosphere and emotions. It is not just capturing the first kiss, first dance, or throwing the bouquet. What is real is often hidden in between. Like reading through the lines. This way are created photographs with a spirit. Your own wedding story.

Client experience

We are no experts. We either like or dislike pictures and those from Richard are always great. He knows exactly where and how the shot is going to look the best. And even if you don't have precise ideas, with Richard you're always safe. He is a professional and an artist who found his mission in photography.
Zuzka a Roman Andil
Photo shoot was very pleasant, casual and sometimes funny. But at the same time it did not disturb the wedding ceremony or dinner party. Richard created beautiful pictures without unnatural poses. He managed to capture most beautiful moments and totally stress free. Ideal for me and I can only strongly recommend.
Lucka a Jakub Horáček
We are not fans of wedding pictures where everything is too sweet, the couple is crunchy and poses are over-arranged like in a magazine. Rišo achieved the opposite. He captured the real essence in people and each photograph has its own story. Besides that the photo session was not a single point on the agenda as it often is, causing additional stress. It was casual, pleasant and very natural.
Helen a Juraj Španko
Our wedding was amazing and it is such a great memory also thanks to Rišo's pictures. Wedding day passes very quickly. You need to have someone who captures all the little details, atmosphere and emotions. That is why we also chose Rišo to capture portraits with our newly born daughter. Natural, spontaneous, pleasant – such was the photo session with Rišo and you can feel it from every picture. Amazing, thank you :)
Monika a Michal Derčalík

Book your wedding photographer

We will meet in person

We will spend together much of your wedding day. It is therefore important to get to know your wedding photographer as a person. We will discuss how will your wedding day go and how to incorporate your photography expectations. Are we going to make an engagement shoot so that you have a nice memory from time before marriage?


You enjoy your day, I shoot

We will adjust shooting to your schedule so that everything important is captured. Shooting is natural, without stress and discreet so that you can fully enjoy your wedding day. Are we going to project a slideshow with a selection of captured moments right at the wedding? We will play your favorite music in the background to make it a memorable part of your wedding program.


I deliver final product

Within 14 days of your wedding we will meet and review all the pictures. Together we will select images for your wedding album – your first family heirloom that your grandkids will look through with amazement. Are we going to select an image to be printed on the same paper as used in galleries and museum around the world? It will be your next piece of art hanging on your walls. 


Do you like what you see? My wedding packages start at 590 €. If it is within your wedding budget, schedule a meeting.