Portrait photography

When creating a portrait of your family, future mother, baby, or your loved dog, I always try to achieve very natural pictures. Without excessive retouch and arranging, photographs that capture the real You. I am happy to shoot everywhere you feel comfortable at, in the woods, by the lake or home at your place, using natural light. I think people get often tired of so called “chocolate-box-art” pictures but good natural portraits will stay in their hearts forever.

Client experience

Richard was with his camera at several milestones in our lives. He managed to capture not only great moments but also mood we had during the photo shoot (I don't know how to do this :). When I am looking at the pictures I know exactly how we felt and how much we enjoyed it. He can listen and even if we give him only a broad idea, the result is original and very much worth it.
Martina Duplinská
He who masters taking photos of two little kids with a smile on his face deserves a medal! And even with no cooperation from our youngest family member we have beautiful pictures! Thank you!
Julka a Marek Dinka
We both do not like being photographed that much but wanted to have a memory of this beautiful time. With Rišo it all went easy, he had his ideas and respected our thoughts as well. We were very satisfied with the whole photo session, atmosphere and most of all with the result.
Miška a Tomáš Macsicza