Softecon 2018 | Conference photographer

Annual conference about visions and trends in modern technologies took place this March for 16th consecutive year. I was asked to take part as a professional photographer and document the flow of this well-established event. Conference took place in modern premises of the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies in Bratislava.

Family portraits | Monika, Mišo, Sárka

Shooting family portraits with Monika, Mišo and their 1-year old daughter Sárka was a real pleasure. We spent together very pleasant evening and made some nice natural pictures that capture this beautiful period in their lives.

How to travel Africa without a guide

Last year we fulfilled one of our travel (and photography) dreams. We visited African countries of Rwanda and Uganda. Just by ourselves, without a guide, with backpacks on our backs and cameras in our hands. How exactly did it go and what was the best we experienced, you can read in an interview with myself in an online magazine from Pelikan travel.